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7 Quick Tips to Help You Zen Out in the Middle Seat

Patricia Magaña - January 16, 2020
[embed][/embed] Unless you’re paying for premium fares, there’s a high probability you’ll inevitably find yourself…

How to Avoid the Worst Cold-Weather Packing Mistakes

Tracy Stewart - January 14, 2020
Yes, you can definitely blame the bulk of winter layers for your overstuffed suitcase. After…
woman waiting for her flight with luggage

How to Track Your Luggage from the Plane

Peter Thornton - January 13, 2020
Ever find yourself watching the baggage claim carousel, hoping your own suitcase soon joins the…
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7 Travel Luxuries Even Cheap People Should Splurge On

Patricia Magaña - January 8, 2020
Some may call it cheap. At Airfarewatchdog, we call it being smart with your money.…
girl with backpack overlooking Barcelona, Spain from observation deck with tourist binoculars.

11 Hidden Travel Fees You Probably Overlook

Ashley Rossi - January 6, 2020
From overpriced Wi-Fi to hidden departure taxes, you don't want to be strapped for cash…
searching for flights on a laptop

You Might Be Buying Domestic Airfare All Wrong

Ricky Radka - December 23, 2019
The days of needing to buy a round-trip to get the best savings on domestic…
Hiker enjoying the view of Los Cuernos and Lake Pehoe in Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile

7 Cheap Places to Visit in 2020

Peter Thornton - December 19, 2019
Welcome to a new decade of cheap flights! We’re a far cry from the Roaring…

10 Super Packable Dresses for Winter Travel

Patricia Magaña - December 19, 2019
The best winter dresses for travel should help keep you warm while being stylish and…
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9 Travel Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed

Megan Johnson - December 19, 2019
When you travel, there is so much to remember: passports, documents, socks, toiletries, etc. But…
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A New Look at Basic Economy for Domestic and Short-Haul International Travel

Peter Thornton - December 18, 2019
Soon, nearly all airlines will sell some sort of a Basic Economy ticket. The growing…

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